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We strive to ensure that our accommodation facilities operate in a sustainable manner by asserting that:

Energy, waste and water use are continually addressed and better ways sought to provide the best outcome.

  • The property design takes full advantage of all day sun and passive solar heating and also ensures adequate ventilation throughout the house;
  • Exterior walls and ceilings are insulated with Kiwi wool insulation Batts;
  • Water Filtration unit installed: providing mains water supply treated water with a UV Water Systems 'B3 UV filtration unit' - 3 filter system plus UV light treatment for totally clean, non-smelling, chemical and toxic-free water throughout the property;
  • Filtered water in glass bottles for Guests' use are freely supplied, negating any further purchasing of plastic water bottles;
  • 300 litre installed Solarhart solar/electric hot-water heating system provides all hot water;
  • Water usage is reduced with Methven Satinjet shower heads in all showers;
  • Six Inverter heat pumps/air conditioning units are situated throughout the house and make for economical and flexible heating and cooling;
  • Tinted windows on the sunny western side of the house minimise harmful U.V. effects;
  • Double Glazing is installed on all south-facing windows including the Guest Wing, main Lounge and also the master bedroom;
  • Roller blinds in the Guest Wing bedrooms, Westview lounge and hallways enhance U.V. protection while allowing warmth in the winter and keeping the house cool in the summer;
  • The ceiling fan in the Westview lounge improves efficiency of the heating/cooling system;
  • Slate floors store heat and add passive solar heating throughout the year.
  • Non-allergenic and pest-free nylon carpets are installed in all bedrooms and the Westview lounge;
  • Use of outside clothesline for drying laundry;
  • New generation LED light units are being used to replace existing light units as they expire;
  • All beds have cotton sheets, feather duvets, mattress and pillow protectors;
  • We use recycling bins;
  • There are refillable hand-wash, bath gel, shampoo and moisturiser in guest rooms to reduce waste. These products are purchased in bulk;
  • All waste cardboard, paper, metal cans, plastic and glass are kept separate and are collected weekly;
  • We only use organic fertiliser, compost and bark mulches on an ongoing basis in the garden;
  • We use organic sprays predominantly in the ornamental garden, no sprays are used on the edibles;
  • We use only bio-degradable products to control moss and algae on paths, driveway and courtyard;
  • We have made extensive use of native plants and shrubs throughout our garden to neutralise any carbon footprint and have a fountain and birdbath to encourage native birdlife;
  • We organically grow our fresh herbs and vegetables;
  • We serve the fruits and nuts to guests that are organically grown in our garden when in season and also make marmalades and jams from the fruits;
  • We buy and serve locally-grown fruit and vegetables when grocery shopping;
  • We use re-usebale cloth bags when shopping;
  • We use bio-degradable and citrus cleaners for household cleaning;
  • We use bio-degradable non-phosphate detergent in the kitchen;
  • We use water-based paints on all interior and exterior walls of the house.