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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide an outstanding experience for our guests, from arrival to departure.

As responsible hosts and self imposed ambassadors for New Zealand culture, it is our intention to ensure our guests visiting Hawkes Bay make the most of their stay.

We go the extra mile to be as helpful as possible to each guest.  It is important to us that they get a real sense of kiwi hospitality, warmth and generosity.

We strive to provide a friendly atmosphere and relaxed environment to ensure our guests will feel welcomed and important.

We promote with enthusiasm our wonderful environment and share examples of some of our own favourite places that make Hawkes Bay our home. 

We feel a job well done when guests leave with a sense of:

  • Feeling entirely relaxed and pampered;
  • Have been delighted with delicious food; 
  • Appreciated the location and accommodation;
  • Enjoyed participating in stimulating conversation during their stay;
  • Having their expectations exceeded by our hosted Bed & Breakfast service.

We strive to ensure that our accommodation facilities operate in a sustainable manner by asserting that:

  • Energy, waste and water use are continually addressed and better ways sought to provide more efficiency.
  • We purchase locally grown produce as often as possible
  • We recycle where we can, such as using coffee grounds as fertilizer in the gardens.
  • We prefer not to use hazardous chemicals to eradicate weeds in the garden and around the property. When kept in check, these can be easily removed by hand.